M & M’s and Skittles

They say Accountants have no creativity when naming accounts, and as this notion spawned from Accounting homework, I feel the above title aptly describes this little meandering of thoughts.  As previously mentioned, while reading the current chapter of my Accounting book, I decided I wanted to eat Skittles and M & M’s…together!  Long story short, the next day I tried them.  It was not fantastic.  It wasn’t very exciting either.  They taste like a chocolate Tootsie pop.  The taste of reality isn’t so sweet… I was expecting something much more spectacular, for such a daring venture.  I imagined a niche of candies that are blended:  Gummy worms & Hot Tamales, Nerds and Pop Rocks, Reeses Pieces and Cracker Jacks…But i thought the Skittles and M&M’s combo would be the flagship for this revolution.  As I lament the unexciting results of the venture, the name for the new candy dawns on me… S & M’s… Not to say the taste wasn’t good, it was ..good, just not as good as the danger involved in throwing a handful of Skittles and M&M’s haphazardly into one’s mouth.  I don’t know the relationship between candy and Accounting homework (there is none), but I guess anything can pop into your head when one has the attention span of a goldfish.


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